Wings ( Wings Series, Book 1)

Laurel is starting a new life.  She now goes to a public school, lives in the city and her parents own a bookstore. Life is perfect or could be for her if they just went back to their old life.  After meeting some people in school, Laurel finally finds herself wanting this perfect life. However, fate always finds a way to destroy the perfection in life.  You see Laurel is adopted, and well it seems she also may not be human.  Then, of course, if she is not human, then what exactly is she?

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The author made it cool that faeries are evolved plants not animal. This totally changes everything known  about faeries.  The author then made the new myths about faeries.  It had a lot of romance, but the action in it balanced it out. The wings were really a flower was amazing. This changed everything in the book.  It was sad that Laurel purposely lost all her memory about her past life. This complicated everything in the book. If she knew, she could have been more helpful in the situation. I understand that it was to protect her, but she should have created a potion where it wears off as she began to bloom. Please leave your thoughts, ideas and views on this book in the comments below. I would love to read them.

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