Vengeance Blooms: Guardians of the Grove Trilogy (Guardians of the Grove, Book 1)

About the Book:

Orphaned and alone, Ashalea Kindaris has just one goal in life– to avenge the death of her parents. But when darkness descends on the land, she discovers her motives are linked to a much larger quest.

To protect the world from elimination, she must find the next Guardians of the Grove– Everosia’s inner sanctum and gateway to other dimensions.

As shadows disperse and the forces of evil mount, Ashalea travels through water and wood, sewer and summit, to reach the chosen.

Will her training lead to victory, or will the weight of unravelling secrets lead to her ruin?



This book was an interesting read. While I loved the plot and world-building, the characters lacked depth and it was hard to like them.

As I said before I loved the plot and world-building. The plot was interesting and always made me want more. World-building was gentle at times, however it was always there and was well written. The second half of the book get become fast-paced and I loved how the action scenes were written.

The characters on the other hand lack depth and personality. It was hard to relate and like them. Sometimes it make this book hard to read.

Overall, this book was okay. The plot development and world-building were brilliant. However I would have loved to see more work done on the characters.

*I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.*


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