To Kill A Kingdom

Lira keeps a prince’s heart for every year that she is alive. Seventeen human princes have lost their hearts to her. Why? Well, ever princess needs her prince, even a siren princess, that’s how the story goes. Right? Wrong, Lira hunts them to avenge the death of her goddess, Keto and  gain more power. However, she makes a mistake and is punished by being turned into a… HUMAN. The worst punishment possible. She has become what she hunted. Will she ever be able to become herself again or stay as a dreadful human forever?

Elian, the Crowned Prince of Midas, hunts sirens. He wants to rid the world of these monsters who kill without reason. As he hunts, he looks for the dreaded Prince’s Bane. A siren who kills princes and destroys kingdoms. Elian wants to rid the world of her, so he may freely roam the seas without having to fear her. He also wants to avenge the princes killed by her.  He slowly is ridding the world of these monsters, but will he ever find the monster he wants? Will he ever find her?

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This book is incredible.  Lira was there, becoming his friend and then she turns out to be the Prince’s Bane. The true villain was actually the Sea Queen. It was shocking that she would do horrible things to her own family for power. Lira was actually a nice person but acted evil to please her mother. The fact that her mother forced her to kill her aunt was shocking. It then made sense why she felt that she always needed to look out for her cousin. This showed her true nature and not the one she made up. What do you think about this book? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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