Through Hell and Highwater (Through Hell and Highwater, Book 1)

Welcome to Volo Noscere. A university for the supernatural located in Rome. As the new academic year, it  brings forth a lot of new challenges and questions. The world is also changing and it may not all be  the humans’ fault.

Join Evyline, Lisanna, RocTar, Tylon, Archer, Dylan and many others as they try piece it together.

For fans of fantasy, paranormal, Harry Potter and YA.


Warning: Spoiler Alert


This book was amazing. There were many good and disappointing things about the book.

The Good:
Loved the writing style and story line.
The university felt like a paranormal version of Hogwarts.
I loved the different character POVs throughout the book. It helped with suspense in the book.
Giving me a whole new look on shifters powers.
The characters were well developed and I did enjoy reading about their journey.

The Disappointing:
RocTar needed some more character development. I loved the air of mystery around him, but he wasn’t much of a character. He felt like a prop.
Evyline and Dylan should have ended up together. So upset with that!!
Would have loved to have more background information on the different main characters.
Towards the end, the book became too fast paced. The end did feel rushed.

I loved reading this book. It was interesting and a page turner. There was little boredom in this book. I would recommend this book to Harry Potter fans. Fans of fantasy, paranormal and YA will also enjoy this book.


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