Throne Of Glass (Throne of Glass Series, Book 1)

Celaena has been working at a slave camp for a year. Now, she is eighteen with no hope of ever seeing the world. That is until the Crowned Prince makes her an offer. Fight for him and become the King’s champion. In return she will get her freedom back. Fighting for the prince will not be a challenge, especially when you are the heir to the Assassin Guild. What will be the challenge, is being able to live through the contest  when something unknown to the world is hunting you. Can Celaena discover what is really going on before it kills her next?

Please Note: If you have not read Assassin’s Blade, I highly suggest you do before you read Throne of Glass. A lot of important parts in this book are explained in Assassin’s Blade.

Assassin’s Blade Book Review

For fans of fantasy and strong female characters.




This book had both good things and bad things about it.

The Good:
The story line was really unique. I loved the plot twists and general flow of the story.
I love the talking doorknob, Mot- He is really underrated, but I loved his character. This character was no disappointment. His character is witty and is always annoying  Celaena with his smart remarks.
This book had an amazing magical air  to it. It was action meets fantasy. Just incredible. The ending was a real plot twister, especially when Cain turned out to be the monster.

The Bad:
After reading the prequel (Assassin’s Blade), I was disappointed at Celaena’s character. She went from amazing to complete flop. I felt that her character was lacking development and so much potential. The other characters were also lacking development.
There were so many plot holes. I loved the plot twists in this book, but the book in general felt as if it was missing something. This story line had so much potential, but Maas did not always use it.

This book had some ups and downs. However, I believe this series is just going to improve on its faults. This book was excellent, but needed more work on character development and plot holes.

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