The Unflinching Ash

About the Book:

In a world like ours, Mystics once ruled the night. Well, so long as they were men. On Ash’s day of naming, she chose the Mystic path nonetheless. The same illusions that garner gasps of awe from the lamp-lit crowds earn her scorn from the basilica.

There is only one way forward: a perilous quest – earn the Queen’s Seal, a badge of honour, and immunity. She’ll simply have to avoid being hanged, burned or drowned first.




This book was so interesting. I loved how the author added a hint of romance, however did not make it overpowering. The story was more focused on Ash (the MC) than romance.

The plot was really good. It start out a bit confusing and slow, but I soon got sucked into the story. The writing style really worked well with the characters and the world. I loved the language used in this book.

Characters in this book were perfect. It was easy to love them. They were captivating and fun to engage with. Ash was an amazing MC. She stayed true to herself and never let herself become the damsel in distress. The title shows her true self.

Overall, this book was brilliant. It’s totally worth binge reading again and again.

*I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.*



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