The Titian’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, Book 3)

Percy goes on a recuse mission with friends, Annabeth Chase and Thalia Grace. However, the mission goes awfully wrong leaving Annabeth missing, a goddess in chains and only five demigods can  save the day.

However, when only some will return alive, who do you pick to save the world? Especially when they could die in the process.


Warning: Spoiler Alert


This book introduces characters that many will come to love. The thing I hated about this book was that Bianca died after Percy promised to keep her alive. The other thing was that Bianca was a real lovable character. Zoe was another character that should have lived in the end. However, her sacrifice to stop her father was amazing. The plot was really good, and I love the mythology placed in this book.  Please do make sure to send in all your thoughts in the comments below. I hope to hear from you.

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