The Shade of Gold (Shades of Darkness Series, Book 1)


Welcome to a world on the brink of war, where queens are murdered and cities turn to ash.  Warriors, Max and Ariella, must choose their allies among those with dark intent.

After a mission, stealing from a mad king, goes horribly wrong, they discover some prisons are far more deadly than others.

To stop the Darkness, they embark on a  perilous journey to destroy a mythical power before it can land in the wrong hands.

The thing is the Darkness doesn’t play by the rules.

Max and Ariella must act quickly to stop a war that could destroy the world. Fail, and they risk unleashing a force more sinister they could think.


Warning: Spoiler Alert


Can I just say that this book was amazing!!

This book is fast-paced. The plot and character development are great and improve as the book goes on.

I love how the main characters are viewed as evil, but are just trying to survive. Max and Ariella are so cute together. I love how you read both Max and Ariella’s POV. It is also great that you get The Malum POV. It really helps you understand her character.

The Malum being the Darkness was not what I expected. Max dying and coming back to life was weird for me. I didn’t really understand how it happened.


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