The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, Book 1)

Percy Jackson is a troubled twelve-year-old boy. After killing a teacher and losing his mom, Percy and his friend Grover go to Camp Half- Blood. Percy  learns that he is the son a Greek god. Soon, Percy is sent on a quest with Grover and a girl named Annabeth. A quest to catch the thief who stole Zeus’ Master Bolt. It is also to save his mother. On his journey across the US, Percy must face a group of mythological enemies and a father he never knew.

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This book is the start to what became many years of love for Mythology.  Rick Riordon created a character that many people have come to love. This book also gets you into mythology reading. I love the twists that Riordon put on the original Greek stories. The fact that Luke betrayed everyone was heart breaking. Especially when Percy and Annabeth trusted him as a friend. Well, for Annabeth it was more than just a friend. My favorite character is Grover. He is just so funny. Please  make sure to send me your thoughts on this book in the comments.


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