The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, Book 5)

This final installment to this series, sees Percy turn sixteen. Instead of birthday presents, he gets an ancient prophecy that could save the world or destroy it. The final battle has begun.

With the Olympians fighting Typhon, Percy and his friends must protect New York City (Mount Olympus) from getting into Kronos hands. So, its forty demigods against untold evil…

What could possibly go wrong?


Warning : Spoiler Alert


This book draws an amazing series to an end. It brings the loose ends together nicely. I love that Rachael is the Oracle. Also adding the next series prophecy into this book was cool. Percy and Luke having the curse of Achilles added spice to the book. It was such a heart-breaking moment when Luke finally realised to do the right thing. Having Annabeth use the knife he gave her was ironic. It was meant to protect her and in the end is what killed her friend. Make sure to send in all your thoughts via the comments below.

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