The Helm of Darkness (War on the Gods, Book 1)

Andy and Zoey are two normal teenagers living in the modern era. That was until a freak storm sweeping the United States knocked them unconscious.

When they are conscious, they find that everything they know is gone. Their home is in ruins, mythological creatures roam the earth and everyone they know is gone. They come across two kids, Diana and Spencer, who possess incredible magical abilities, and claim to be the demigod children of Greek gods. They also claim the year is 500 AS, five hundred years after the freak storm. The one that gods conjured to destroyed most of humanity and helped them take the world as their.

Soon, Andy and Zoey find themselves in the middle of a prophecy. One that has handed them an impossible task: To save humanity. To lead a war on the gods.

They must battle monsters, death, and their own inner demons to survive and to protect the people they love.


Warning: Spoiler Alert


This book was really great. I loved all the plot twists in this book. I love Greek Mythology and completely loved the mythology retelling in this book. The character development was incredible. However, Karter’s character was really confusing. I loved the different character POVs, but his didn’t really make sense to me.

The book was a bit disappointing. I didn’t enjoy the beginning. It was dull and very average. I felt as if I was reading a bad coming-of-age novel. There was no magic in the beginning. Towards the middle things began to pick up and the book became a page turner.

Andy was weird in the beginning. He wanted to die and then suddenly decided that saving the world was better.  It was just so weird how fast his emotions changed. The gods being evil was really amazing. This book made it seem as if they were repeating history. Kronos ate his kids to stop being overthrown. Zeus now forcing all demigods to live at Mount Olympus to stop from bring overthrown.

Overall the book was amazing and really enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to Greek Mythology fans (Percy Jackson fans), Young Adult and Fantasy fans.


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