The Hand Bringer

Peter Hadrian is a cop with a heart-breaking past. When an everyday mission goes sideways, Peter goes from being the rescuer to the person in need. However, help sometimes has its own price to it. Dragged into a world of secrets, Peter and his friend Luke find themselves seeing the world differently. With Peter’s heritage and abilities, he can save the world from disaster. The only question is- does the world really need saving?

The book is perfect for thrill seekers, mystery fans, vampire lovers and medieval history buffs. The book has something for each one. The characters have deep personalities that readers may identify in themselves. The book shows everything, from your everyday cops to secret spy networks to history of vampires.

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Warning: Spoiler Alert


The book is exciting, and you cannot bare to put it down after you get past the first chapter. Drama can be seen in each page you turn and read. Page after page, you can start to see the lies, schemes, betrayals, loyalties and love that each character has bought into this book to make it jaw dropping. I love the time paradox that Penington has created. Vampires are no longer in romance, but now action books. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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