The Fault in Our Stars

This books looks into the life of sixteen-year-old Hazel, a lung cancer patient.  She becomes depressed, no longer wanting to do anything with her life. She now hates meeting new people and doing new things. This causes  her parents to decide that she should attend a cancer support group. No wanting to meet new people, Hazel is reluctant to go to this support group. Soon it becomes clear that it is a good idea  and this is when Hazel meets Augustus Waters. 

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The book was excellent as it shows what a cancer patient and their families go though. It shoes that cancer patients biggest fear  is  to touch the lives of other people and then have  that  person feel bad at the loss of them. It was really touching how Augustus was the one to teach Hazel how to make life count, no matter how short it may be.
The book had many heartbreaking moments.  The time when Augustus died is one of these moments. As sad as they were, I feel that those moments are hat made the book feel more realistic. This book discussed very sad topics – loss, death, illness and fear.  However, the author counteracted these topics with happy topics –   love, friendship and hope.  I really enjoyed this book. I hope to get some feedback from you soon on what you thought about this book.

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