The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds Series, Book 1)

America’s children are slowly all dying from a mysterious disease. However, people are fearing the living children and not the dying ones. They come out of this much worse, they get freaky abilities that they cannot control.  Ruby is one of the children that lived. Feared by adults she is sent to Thurmond, a horrifying state rehabilitation camp. She is to learn how to suppress her powers. Now sixteen, will she learn to suppress them and get out of Thurmond?

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Warning: Spoiler Alert


This book is really enjoyable. The characters had complex personalities and it showed throughout the book. The story line was interesting, and I loved the twists and turns this book had. The ending was a real plot twister. However, the ending was a whirlpool of plot twists that I found it hard to keep up at times. The prologue was also confusing for me. It messed up the beginning part of the book. I feel the prologue should have been a chapter in this book.  Understanding what Clancy feelings were to Ruby was really difficult. He did make the book confusing at times. I felt like he had a split personality. I hope to hear all your thoughts and views about this book in the comments below.

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