Smoke and Mirrors (The Damned Society Series, Book 1)

Lexia Luccen is a supernatural seventeen-year-old girl. However, she is not your normal heroine. She has little control over her power. After years of abuse, she is slowly beginning to lost her mind over her fiery power.  When she accidentally loses control  over her power, it takes lives with it. She has a choice between jail or living her life in the hectic youth facility,  Lucida.

Lucida is a secretly run technological agency to teach youth how to control their powers.. It is a facility that uses the latest technology to teach these supernatural youth. But would an agency really spend so much money on damaged teen, or is there an motive for it all…

I would recommend this book to fans of the Darkest Minds Series. Fantasy lovers will also enjoy this book.

Warning: Spoiler Alert


This book was amazing. I loved the whole story line and that fact that you got a backstory for the main characters.  I did feel that there were some plot holes. The book was really fast paced, meaning you were never bored. The character development was slow. In the beginning, Lexia was an easy character to hate, she was irritating. It was only towards the end that you saw her grow. It would have been nice to see Lexia’s character develop more towards the middle of the book.  Xavier and Lexia make a good couple. I find that they are similar in most ways. I however felt that Xavier’s character needed more development. Overall, I it was an excellent read and I cannot wait for the rest of the series.  Make sure to comment your thoughts in the comments below.


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