The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, Book 4)

Freshmen Orientation isn’t what Percy expected it to be. First a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears, followed by demon cheerleaders, things at his potential new school quickly move from bad to worse.

Back at Camp Half-Blood, Luke(Percy’s archenemy) has decided to invade via the ancient Labyrinth.  So, four heroes need to descend into the terrifying underground or have thousands of blood-thirsty monsters destroy the camp.


So, prepare yourself for an adventure with horses, lost gods, hairbrushes and lots of wittiness. This fourth installment is going to be one wild ride.



Warning: Spoiler Alert


Rachael is an amazing character. It was hilarious when she hit Kronos with a hairbrush. Just amazing. When Grover found out that Pan was dying, it was so heart-breaking.  This book continues the series perfect record of mythology and epic story line. It has the perfect amount of wit needed to make a book great. I really enjoyed this book and hope to hear what you thought about it.

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