The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass Series, Prequel)

Celaena Sardothien is the heir to the Assassin’s Guild. She owes everything to the assassin leader, Arobynn Hamel.  He taught her everything she knows that she needed to survive.  Arobynn has enemies and so, Celaena is now duty-bound to kill them one by one.  However, one assignment shows the dark side of Arobynn and a dark truth that will change her forever. It may change her life if it does not kill her first.




This book had many things going for it. It also had some disappointments.

The Good:
This book begins this series with a bang. I enjoyed most of the plot twists in this book. (Sam dying was not one of them).
The desert assassins were…
AMAZING. I loved how they lived and were always willing to help Celaena.
Celeana’s character had really great development. It was easy to see the potential of this character.
Really great story line and plot.

The Bad:
The book, however, did get me confused at times and you would then have to reread it again to understand.
The fact that Sam died after Celaena realised she was in love with him was heart-breaking. However, later on in the series I did understand why Sarah J. Maas did it.

The Irony:
Celaena is a assassin, yet she saves the lives of slaves. Ultimately destroying Sam and herself. So, she is paid to kill people, yet also willing to free slaves.

This book and witty and full of surprises. It was great in terms of character development, plot twists and story line. The book was also confusing at times and had some horrible twists. Overall it is something that I really enjoyed and would reread again.

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