Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper Series, Book 1)

Warning: the book does get gory

Audrey Rose loves helping her uncle with his forensic science.  It also means that she has to sneak around to help him. A girl doing forensic science is seen as inappropriate by society. Especially if you are the daughter of a lord. The thing is that Audrey doesn’t care. She wants to prove that girls can also have brains, not just beauty. She meets Thomas, a student of her uncle’s science class. Soon a series of murders happen, leaving everyone in fear. Thomas and Audrey decide that they want to crack the case. With the help of her uncle, they go on a mission to solve this case before someone gets killed again. The problem is that the killer is smart, very smart. Will they catch him?

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This book is page turner. It is like a female version of Sherlock Holmes. The fact that Nathaniel was the killer was shocking. It was a if he had a split personality. Killing himself also was twisting. Audrey’s father character started as a madman and ended as a loving figure. the fact that he helped Audrey with her dream was amazing. I think it was to make up for all the horribleness that had happened to her. Did you enjoy the book as I did? Please leave your thoughts, ideas, and feelings about this book in the comments below.


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