Shattered Snow (Mirror Chronicles, Book 1)

About the Book:

In 2069, time-travel is restricted to observation and research. But Keltson Grammar doesn’t mind breaking a few laws. Known only as “The Mirror”, Keltson runs an underground empire that rescues unfortunate souls throughout history. However, a single misstep could send an entire agency to reinstate his clients to their original dismal fates.

Lilia Vaschenko is a Russian mechanic surrounded by cinderblock towers, ladders she cannot climb, and a glass ceiling that holds her down like a casket. She’ll do anything to escape— even work for the world’s most wanted renegade.

Margaretha is a young countess, destined to be poisoned at twenty-one. But when she discovers a mysterious mirror in the woods that transforms the world into shadows and ice, her future shatters. Chased from her familiar home, will she ever find where she truly belongs?


This book was really interesting. I loved the sci-fi twist to this retelling. This to date is one of the best Snow White retellings I read. It combined fantasy, history and science fiction into one incredible story.

The character development throughout this book was perfection. I loved how deep the characters personalities went and it was easy to see what made them tick.

The plot development was mind-blowing. I loved how the author used real history and made it look like time travel was the cause of the incidents. This plot was complex and full of plot twists. It was scary listening to the audiobook, not know what twist you were going to be hit with.

I loved the narration of this book. The narrator was able to make a scene tense or happy whenever needed. I loved the different voice combinations for each character.

Overall, this was a brilliant book. I loved listening to it and finding out what was going to happen next.

I was gifted this audiobook and am leaving my honest opinion.


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