Shadows (Ashes Trilogy, Book 2)

The second installment to the Ashes Trilogy.

Alex has survived fleeing Rule. She now is on a quest to find Tom and Ellie.

Meanwhile, Tom is busy recovering and planning to find Alex. They are both un-changed and will need to face unthinkable horrors to find each other.

However, the biggest terror of all is the monster within. Because nobody knows which person Changes or why.

And nobody knows who is next…

Warning: Spoiler Alert


This book was better written. It had plot development. The story was beginning to make sense. There was a lot of action in this book.


– Going from Alex’s POV to different character POVs was horrible. Bick should have rather started the trilogy with the different POVs than do it in the second book. It just didn’t make sense.
-Alex role in this book nothing. She basically just fought a bit with the Changed and healed some people. She was just the Changed poisoner throughout the book. As the main character, Alex was highly disappointing.
– Adding new character was good and bad. The new characters brought new energy and life into this trilogy. But, too many characters were added and I didn’t really care about what happened to them. It became difficult to know who was who.
– There were way to many cliffhangers. This created a lot of plot holes in the story.

Overall, this book was okay. Character development was average. The plot development in this book was better. The story began to make sense.


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