Ruby Red (Zadok Series, Book 2)

About the Book:

Alex has called it quits and stormed off, leaving Harlow alone and vulnerable in the danger zone with little chance of survival and a broken heart.

Luckily Jax finds her and brings her back to the caves. However, little does she know she’s returning with multiple souvenirs.

Standing out for all the wrong reasons has become Harlow’s specialty, and as the effects of her vertic switz tattoo set in and new issues are brought to light, she and her friends will find themselves in the line of fire with Rae and Electra.

Despite Jax’s attempts to neutralise the colour system, the Winter caves have become a death trap for Harlow, and Summer’s castle is no place for a Zeek. Harlow’s only sanctuary might be Spring’s Drake village, but her former ties to a Vallon are sure to cause friction with some of the residents.

Tough decisions will need to be made, but will she make the right ones?



This series is getting so much better. I enjoyed the first book and had some expectations for this book. Likely it did not disappoint.

The plot was still so interesting and good. I loved that Minty added the POV of Alex/Slater with Harlow/Ruby, Zavier. Also, that unexpected POV at the end. I loved the plot twists and how the book continued from Pastel Pink. It was like I had never stopped reading the first book.

The characters were also well developed. I enjoyed that they became more ‘real’ while reading the book. It was hard not to just love the characters in Ruby Red.

Overall, this book was amazing. I would have loved if the ending had been a bit more well paced, but other than that I loved everything about the book. It had great, imaginative world-building, brilliant characters and an amazing plot.

*I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.*


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