Of Us and Them (Of Us and Them, Book 1)

About the book:

Seventeen-year-old Evren was born for one purpose: to serve as a vessel for the Leviathans, an alien species hidden in global dragon lore. She longs to join the secret society who concealed them in history—and as last of the twelve prophesied Paladins, she needs to. With the world in ruin, their unification will signal the Leviathans’ return to Earth to protect humans from their worst enemy: themselves.

But Evren’s ambitions are dashed when a Paladin is found dead. The murder sets her world ablaze and now she must stop the saboteur, or risk destroying a celestial plan millennia in the making.

However, finding the truth—and the killer—in a society built on deceit won’t be easy, especially with Evren’s fierce and guarded mother as its leader.

Can Evren salvage what’s left of her fate? Or will dark discoveries make her the next victim?



I loved every minute of reading this book. It was brilliant first installment to a really unique series. I loved the pot twists, story-line, world-building and of course the interpretation of dragons using different cultures’ stories of them.

The plot development was really good. I loved the flow of the book and that while reading about important things, it didn’t seem like an information overload. The world-building and story-line were also done really well.

The characters were just amazing. I loved how Evren wasn’t perfect. She was continuously struggling with her flaws and slowly growing though the book. It made her character really realistic and relatable.

Overall, I loved the book. The only issue was the it was a cliffhanger at the end. (So do beware, because the book is good and it will be hard.)

*Thank you to the author for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest review.*

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