Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)




With this very slogan, George Orwell again shows the dark side of a corrupting influence of power. With everyone being watched by the Thought Police, every act of betrayal to the Party is discovered. Big Brother and the Party watch for every act of conspiracy. Winston Smith works at the Ministry of Truth, where he finds love with a fellow worker, Julia. Suddenly life is exciting and has new adventures every day. However, Big Brother does not tolerate disloyalties – even if they are in the mind. For everyone with original thoughts, they created Room 101…

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                                  WARNING : SPOILER ALERT


I enjoyed this book as it showed readers the terror that Totalitarian regime. The book shows the power that the government can have on people if they put their mind to it.  The ending of the book was of course not one that would be normally read. The fact that Winston died made me realise to what extent a totalitarian government would go to stop Winston from showing their evil side.  Juliet was really the betrayer in the book was also very shocking. My belief is that if everyone had to read one book in their life it should be this book. I hope to get some feedback from you soon and hear what you think about this amazing book.


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