Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble (Nikki Janicek Series, Book 2)

In the strange and unpredictable sequel to “Streaks of Blue,” intern newspaper reporter Nikki Janicek is wooed by a cult of criminal ex-Scientologists obsessed with the looming effects of global warming, population control and the race to colonize Mars.

By the time Nikki finds out the truth about the secretive organization, her loved ones, friends and even a former assailant are entangled in a web that stretches from New England to South Africa.


I felt this book was different from the sequel. The characters seem to be new and not the same as Streaks of Blue. It was a bit weird and confusing.

Nikki seem to be a different character. She did things that would have seem abnormal for her character. I understand that the sequel takes place four years later, but the core of the character should have stayed the same. This was not the case for Nikki.

There were many new characters introduced in this book. It was a bit upsetting to not see much of the other characters from book 1. I knew that the author was showing that people meet new people and change, but I would have loved to see how life was treating the other characters.

I loved the multiple character POVs, but would have loved to see Adam POV more. He in a way the main character as Nikki was.

Overall, this book was a bit of a disappointment to the first book. It had interesting elements to it, but I wished Nikki’s character haven’t changes as much as it did in this book.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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