Know Your Strengths: A Practical Guide on Realizing One’s Power and Self-worth

Have you ever wondered what your strengths really are ?

You are a human being and yes, you have strengths. As individuals, we have a power. We all are unique. By realizing your strengths as an individual you will be able to know your true value. No one on this earth can give you your worth. No one can you give you your power – only you can do that. Many of us look up to people to tell us we are good enough or we are up to the mark and if they don’t tell us, then we feel displeased, unimpressed and depressed. We don’t know we have that power to speak kindly to ourselves. If we speak badly to ourselves in a bid to gain more pleasurable compliments from others then we lose everything.

This book will show you the strengths that are inside you.


This book began well. It was very informative and you could see that the author was passionate about this subject. The advice were great and helpful.

However, paragraphs were long and there were too many quotes. It needed more editing and there was a lot of repetition.

*I was asked to review this book and received nothing for my honest review.*

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