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The biggest problem with being trapped on a jellyfish isn’t what you’d expect. You get over the fear of death (because you start looking forward to it) and the smell of fish (because it quickly becomes your breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Boredom is an issue, sure, but it’s not the main one; the biggest problem is not being able to get away from everyone.

Martha is stuck on the back of the jellyfish and has been for a long time. She and everyone else living there don’t know how exactly they got there or how long they’ve been there or where they’re going—they just remember that something traumatic happened. And they can’t escape.

But now, the crew has finally had enough. They’re going to escape the jellyfish—or die trying. (Which probably means dying.)



This book had a very interesting concept. It was really original, silly and had some scenes of tension. There wasn’t much character development. I would have loved to see more growth in Martha, Lana, Kate and James.

There wasn’t much of a plot, and I would have wanted to know how the people got onto the jellyfish. There was a bit of back story, but nobody really knew how they got there. I felt that the older characters could have maybe told the story of how they got there.

Overall, this book was a bit enjoyable. It was confusing and hard to understand the book at times. Some of the characters were great, while others felt like props. I loved the weirdness throughout the book. It was fun to read and interesting dystopian.


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