Generation Manifestation (Gen M, Book 1)

About the book:



The Genetic Wars that turned most of the planet into a wasteland are over. The so-called “dregs” (DNA regulars) and superpowered Supergenics now live separately from each other—the Supergenics in the shiny towers of Jupitar City; the dregs across the river in the squat concrete buildings of the boroughs. But some dreg parents bear Supergenic children; under repressive laws, they must be sent to live with their own kind.


To find these special few, every teen faces Testing Day. When her turn comes, socially isolated Caitlin Feral is determined to Manifest powers like the heroes in the comic book propaganda she loves. If she fails, she faces a lifetime of loneliness and drudgery in the boroughs.

How much is Caitlin willing to sacrifice to be a supergirl?

When she uncovers dark secrets, does she dare start another war to reveal the truth?

And…who will pay the price?




This book. I have no words to describe it. This book was full of plot twists and kept me hooked. I cannot wait for book 2. There are questions that are going to need to be answered. Especially, after that ending. Please be prepared for a long review.

Things I loved:
– The world building. The whole story was really interesting.
– Caitlin is great female protagonist. She can be annoying at times and self-centered, but Bereznai works magic in developing her character.
– I love the character development in this book. As each character develops, it shows in the book. Their development really influences the book’s twists and turns.
– Some of the plot twists in this book. This book is a true dystopian. There is so much plot development and I love watching the world build as you continue reading.
– I love the combination of superheroes and dystopian. Also, some of those powers were cool. Especially one of the characters power.
– I love the use of comics books in this book. It really helps in showing the different world.
– Can I just say that Normand is my favorite character. I love that he is nerdy and socially awkward, but is always finding a solution.

Things I didn’t enjoy:
– What happened!!! That was not a plot twist I wanted to read. (I can’t say more because of the spoilers)
– I didn’t really like Bradie’s character.
– The cliffhanger. I did not need that after what happened before. You do not end a book in the middle of something important.

Overall, I loved this book. There were things that I really didn’t enjoy about this book. I really loved the use of comic books and the importance of them throughout the book. There are many characters that you can love.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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