Fae Away (Fae Bloodlines, Book 1)

About the Book:

Princess Celyse has two rules she must obey— never touch a portal, and never kiss a human.

Despite being born into the most powerful house in the faerie realm, Celyse dreads her life of duty and obligation. But everything changes when she finds a shimmery portal that offers a glance at the forbidden human realm.

If discovered with the portal, it could mean her death. Yet she dares to peek anyway and finds herself face to face with a gorgeous human. Soon, she is visiting her would-be enemy nightly. Until a malicious suitor threatens her life and her kingdom.

Julio can see ghosts— it’s in his blood as the son of a powerful curandera.

With spirits drifting in and out of his life, Julio thinks having visions of an ethereal girl with silver hair is another part of the supernatural weirdness that happens to him. But when the very real girl shows up in the flesh, she brings a dire plea for help. Her faerie realm and his human realm are in danger, and only he can help. His head blares a warning against this deadly path while his heart urges him to do anything to save her. Including risk his own life.




This book was a very interesting read. I loved the way Garcia wrote the book. There was flow and it was easy to want to read more. The world-building in this book was just incredible. It was like watching a movie.

The plot was really good. I enjoyed how the story was developed and how unique it was. There were a few cliques, but most were good cliques. The only part of the book that I felt was not written so well was the romance. I would have loved to see that developed more and better.

The characters in this book were really well developed. It was easy to like them and connect with them while reading.

Overall, I loved this book. I would have love to see the romance developed better, but otherwise the plot was perfect.

*I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.*


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