Eyes (Half-Alive, Book 1)

About the Book:

Spirited Away meets Coraline in the Suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam with a twist to the genre. A heart-pounding journey of betrayal and bond, strength and perseverance, with the looming threat of ghosts, demons, and black magic… told from the perspective of a comedic protagonist!

An eerie children’s nursery rhyme lures Thanh – an intelligent college girl with an unnatural level of trust issues – into an adventure of her lifetime.

On this journey, she meets Điền Mục, a young ghost catcher who can’t see ghosts but was raised by a 500-year-old spirit and has about zero experience in human interactions.

The fates of two unlikely companions intertwine on the spider web of a criminal mastermind who has been evading arrest for the past 40 years.

Their lives are on the line; the trap has been set! Meanwhile, Thanh still hasn’t trusted Mục yet… But can you honestly blame her for not choosing a total stranger, and a weirdo no less, over people she’d known her whole life?



I really loved reading this book. The author was very creative in merging paranormal action with Vietnamese culture. It was really great to finally read a retelling book based on Vietnamese culture. There aren’t many books like this, so it made for an interesting read.

The world-building in this book was done extremely well. The author was continually evolving the setting. It was great to see as most books don’t do this.

I loved Vũ Thanh’s character. She was a strong and intelligent protagonist. Unlike most fantasy horror characters, Thanh always try to reason with the paranormal. Character development was excellent.

The past/present tense that went throughout was a bit of a problem. It was hard to read the book while going back and forth between tenses.

Overall, this book was really interesting. I loved the plot and story line of this book. It was lovely to read and learn a bit about Vietnamese culture. I would highly recommend this book to fans of fantasy horror and retellings.

Thank you to the author for the book in exchange for my honest review.

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