Every Variable of Us

About the Book:

After Philly teenager Alexis Duncan is injured in a gang shooting, her dreams of a college scholarship and pro basketball career vanish in an instant.

To avoid becoming another Black teen trapped in her poverty-stricken neighborhood, she shifts her focus to the school’s STEM team, a group of nerds seeking their own college scholarships.

Academics have never been her thing, but Alexis is freshly motivated by Aamani Chakrabarti, the new Indian student who becomes her mentor (and crush?).

Alexis begins to see herself as so much more than an athlete. But just as her future starts to reform, Alexis’s own doubts and old loyalties pull her back into harm’s way.




This book was really good. I enjoyed reading the plot and loved the characters on the STEM team. However, the book was a bit cringe at times, but it a good way.

The plot was wonderful. The book was raw and full of diversity. The author wove a lot of themes and topics into this book to make it into a beautiful healing romance book. There was a lot of pop culture referencing and some scenes I had mix feelings about, but other than that I loved reading the story from Alexis’s POV.

The characters from the STEM team were my favorite. While I didn’t see enough of Alexis’s “old” friends to judge, I really liked that she stayed with them and still made new friends (being the STEM team).

Overall, this book was brilliant. I loved the rawness, intensity and how unique this book is.


**I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.**

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