Delirium (Delirium Series, Book 1)

Love is a dangerous disease in the USA. So dangerous that the government forces everyone over eighteen to have a procedure called the Cure.

Lena Haloway lives with her aunt, uncle and cousins in Portland, Maine. She is counting down the days to being cured. Lena is looking forward to living a safe and predictable life. She saw love destroy her mother and fears that it may happen to her.

Ninety-five days before her treatment, Lena meet Alex. A boy from the “Wilds” living under government radar. What would happen if Lena does the unthinkable? What would would happen if she falls in love with Alex?

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I loved reading this book. I have always loved a good dystopian book, and this one was.

This book was really unique with the whole focus on love being a disease. Normally, general emotions would be used, but this book focused on one emotion. Love.

It was quite interesting to see how removing love also removed other emotions.

Alex dying to save Lena made it seem like a Romeo and Juliet retelling. I loved the character development and plot.

Hana was a confusing character for me. I never really understood her.
I feel Grace is acting stupid for some reason. It feels as if she is playing everyone. I love how she says wait and everyone just freezes.

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