Claire de Lune

Claire’s sixteen birthday party is not exactly the best with everyone talking about a werewolf that is causing the gruesome murders happening in town. However, Claire’s mind is not the killings, but rather the boy, Matthew Engle, talking to her.  Soon the two of them are begin to get close. However, nothing ever goes to plan in life. Claire discovers she is a werewolf herself. Now with her crush’s dad leading a hunt to destroy werewolves, how can see keep her identity secret?

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The book is an unexpected paranormal romance. It has murder, thrill and shocks in the book. I enjoyed the fact that you got to read about what was going on in the murderer’s head without fully knowing who it is. It was sad to know that Zoe was really trying hurt Claire. The friend was actually the foe. To be honest I did not see it coming.  The story keeps twisting at every point. I hope you send your feedback and thoughts in the comments below.


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