Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, Book 1)

We’ve all heard of the Cinderella story. There are so many different versions of the Cinderella story that it does get annoying. However, this is unlike the normal Cinderella story.  This is Cinderella meet science fiction.                                     

 Cinder is a mechanic for robots and other machines. Due to the fact that she is a cyborg, she has the ability to know what is wrong with machines faster than anyone else. This has made her famous for her work, but fear of cyborgs stop people from going to her.  She becomes friends with the prince when he comes to her for her services.  Her stepsister, Peony,  is soon infected with the plague. This turns her world upside-down. Now on a quest to save her stepsister, Cinder needs to do everything in her power to find the cure. Even if it means turning her back on fate.

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This book is the best version of a Cinderella retelling I have read. It had both good and bad things about it.

The Good:
The plot twisters were everywhere in this book. From Cinder being a cyborg to having a robotic friend (no animals) to being sent to prison by the prince.
Loved the sci-fi twist on this Cinderella retelling.
Cinder being a cyborg and having a robotic friend. Nothing is more sci-fi than that.

The Bad:
Character development was okay. I felt that it needed more work through.
Peony dying from the plague was heart-breaking. I wanted her to be there for Cinder.

Loved the fact that her metal foot is her ‘missing shoe’ in this retelling. (The prince also seeing the foot before is hilarious.)
She never got her prince, but rather a prison cell for trying to save the world.

This book was just mind-blowing. I loved the comedy, wittiness and irony in this book.

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