Burning Midnight

The dream of having superpowers has now become a reality. With the help of the same spheres you can gain any superpower you want. Of course, there is a price for everything.

David Sullivan, Sully, is a seventeen year old boy that buys and sells these spheres to people. The only problem is that his rival, CEO Alex Holliday, is making his job harder. Soon, Sully meets Hunter, a homeless hunter of spheres. They become friends and Sully’s business is on the rise. That is before Alex finds a new sphere, Midnight Blue.

With a $50 million reward for the second sphere, Sully and Hunter begin to hunt for the missing sphere. Will they find it? It’s only a matter of time. A science fiction that will leave you shocked and wanting more.


This book is one that you can not put down. It kept me guessing at every twist and turn. Will McIntosh was clever at the way he had the book put together. I love the way the book was put together. The characters all have deep personalities and  you just love them. I love how Sully is a poor kid trying to make a living by running a business. He is poor but is a kind spirited person

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