As a joke, Chas decides that writing to a convict will be perfect. Under the pretense of writing in his mother’s name, Chas gets himself a pen pal. A death row pen pal. When he starts getting letters back, it looks like the killer is writing for a reason and it may not be as funny.  For all those that want a thrill ride, this is the book for you.

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This book at times can be heart stopping. It was enjoyable and is something I would personally read again and again. The way the book was a jaw dropper. I love the way the author ended the book with a sincere letter from the murderer. I find the fact that writing letters to a death-row killer as a joke is quite shocking. However, I loved the story line and will forgive the author for that one. I think that writing to a robber or con man would have been better though. Please leave your thoughts about this book in the comments down below.


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