Babylon Twins (Babylon Twins, Book 1)

About the book:

Meet Chloe and Elizabeth Yetti: antisocial, semi-homicidal eighteen-year-old twins casually surviving the AI apocalypse. Ten years ago, a powerful machine intelligence unleashed a nanoengineered superdrug on humanity.

Civilization is now a collection of mindless addicts confined to automated treatment centers that tower over drone-dominated cityscapes. Having escaped and grown up in the forests of Northern California alongside their younger brother and brilliant scientist/survivalist mother, Clo and El stayed safe while society collapsed around them.

But when a mysterious stranger and a demonic woodland creature appear and threaten their family, the twins are drawn back to a disintegrating, drug-addled San Francisco. There, biomechanical gods and monsters vie for control of what’s left of humanity’s consciousness. Armed with only a knife, an old hunting rifle, and their secret, cryptophasic twin language, Clo and El realize that surviving the apocalypse was just the beginning—now they’ve got to face it head-on.

The first book in the Babylon Twins trilogy, this epic adventure takes readers on a journey filled with sci-fi spectacle and darkly humorous twists and turns, not to mention some good old-fashioned butt-kicking.


This book was really interesting. This dystopian was different and very original.

Things I enjoyed:
– I loved that both twins told the story. It was hard to read at first and could be confusing at times, but I loved it.
– I loved the world-building and plot of this book. There were many plot twists and the world was always being developed.
– The plot was really great. I loved the dystopian feel throughout the book.
– The way the plot thicken as the book went on. It was amazing to watch the twins get pulled into the story.
– The way the twins find that everything is not as black and white as they believe it to be.

Things I didn’t enjoy:
– The plot twist bomb that was dropped right before the book ending.
– Character development was a bit lacking. Clo seem the same as the beginning and didn’t seem to have grown much as a character.
– Sometimes the book gave you a bit of an information overload.

Overall, this book was really great. I loved the dystopian feel to it and how the world-building was done. I would have loved to have seen more character development.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.


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