All The Bright Places

Violet finds herself at the top of her school bell tower. Here she meets Finch, a boy that is trouble with a capital T. Or so she thinks. She finds that she has misunderstood Finch. In fact, everyone has misunderstood him. He is not trouble, but rather different from everyone.

Finch wants to die. He just needs to find the perfect time to do it. The school bell tower looked like a good way to die. That was until he met someone there. After saving Violet from a suicide attempt, he sees life from a new point of view. Maybe now he has a reason to live.

A beautiful story that shows the importance of being there for someone.

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Finch was an amazing character. Niven showed us a perfect example of what depression can do to people. The fact that Finch died was terrible and heart-breaking. He was there for Violet always. She should have also been there for him. I think Violet was so focused on herself that she forget to really look into Finch. She may have been able to help him. It was really cool how Niven showed us how people paint this perfect picture of themselves when they are really not. This book shows the prejudice on mental health. If someone is different mentally, then they are seen as an abnormal human. It shows that because of this, people don’t get the treatment they need. This leads to other problems. What do you think about this book. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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